Dice Control – A Fact or a Myth

Dice control, which is sometimes referred to as dice setting, is a highly contentious craft used in craps games. The proponents of this highly controversial concept are making the assertion that players can “control” or influence the result of the dice roll by the manner in which it is tossed. This highly dedicated small group of dice shooters is claiming that they have incontrovertible proofs which clearly show that the system actually works and that there are indeed strong indications of dice influencing in most casinos.

The principle behind dice setting or dice shooting asserts that with the right technique, the craps game can be transformed from a purely random game into a sport based on skills, just like with the other traditional sports like pool, darts and golf. However, there are still a lot of personalities and stakeholders in the gambling industry who are not yet convinced that a craps player can skew or beat the house advantage through dice control.

The theory of dice control or dice setting has always been hounded by opposing views and opinions. So-called gambling gurus who initially dismissed claims about dice control as purely without basis are now preaching its validity.

The skepticism is partly due to the term “dice control.” This is somewhat misleading as craps players are fully aware that it is not possible to control or affect the outcome of the dice roll. The main concept of dice control or a controlled dice throw is all about “setting” of the dice in a particular manner and then gripping and throwing it in the same manner each time. According to the adherents of the concept of dice setting or dice control, craps players are able to achieve what is referred to as a “controlled throw.”For instance, a craps player is supposed to develop the skill that allows him or her to “skew” the dice roll so that the seven comes up at fewer instances than when the dice is thrown at random.

A shooter who is on a hot roll and throwing a particular number in amazing succession is a reality as far as proponents of the dice control are concerned. A shooter who is able to develop the “right technique” in throwing the dice and gets into a zone where the desired rhythm is achieved will be able to obtain monstrous dice rolls.

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