High Point, New York, Simplified Craps

High Point Craps

This is the variation of the original craps game where the initial dice roll of a two or three is not considered or is of no consequence. If a player gets a 2 from a dice roll then he or she earns the right to roll again. On the other hand, the player wins when they roll an 11 or a 12. This variation of the craps game has a house edge of 2.35 percent.

New York Craps

New York Craps is the most popular variant of the game in the eastern coast of the United States, hence the allusion to New York. This craps game was actually introduced in casinos in the Bahamas, Yugoslavia and the UK. The house edge in New York Craps is higher than in Bank Craps or Las Vegas Craps. Another major distinctive feature of this craps variant is its table layout, which is usually called the double end table. There are also some variations on how the game is played, and one of its unique rules is that Come bets and Don’t Come bets are not allowed in New York Craps. Craps players bet on the following box numbers – four, five, six, eight, nine or ten. This craps variant has a 5 percent house edge.

Simplified Craps

This craps variant is simpler that the crapless craps variant. It does not have most of the craps bets that are present in other variations of the game of craps. In this craps variant, you get a win when the shooter rolls a two, three, four, ten, eleven or a twelve and you lose when the shooter rolls a five, six, seven, eight or nine. Simplified craps has a 2.8 percent house edge.

This variation of the craps game is generally perceived in gambling circles as an exotic craps variant. The 2 and 3 dice rolls are ignored in High Point Craps, and the shooter will have to roll again in order to get a different point number. A craps player automatically wins when the dice roll comes up with an eleven or a twelve.

In cases where the shooter comes up with a dice roll other than a two or a three, such dice roll becomes the point number. A player wins if the shooter comes up with a dice roll with a total number that is higher than the point number. High Point Craps has a 2.35 percent house edge.

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