Parity Hedge System

The Parity Hedge System is not actually a system in the conventional sense. It is a type of scam created by Quatloos, the ant fraud website, as a warning sign to gamblers. If a clever mathematician decides to look into the inner workings of the system, they will soon discover that it is mathematically impossible. It cannot possibly assure a profit on any level of mathematics.

The reason Quatloos revealed the presence of the Parity Hedge System is due to the fact many players were reporting how the system does not actually work. Some people lost thousands of dollars because of using this system. It was such a widespread hoax that even many gambling websites bought into the story. The myth continued to grow because of a minority of players making huge profits, which just happened by pure chance and not actually anything to with the system.

Long-term profit is not possible with the Parity Hedge System, and is therefore something smart players should stay away from.

Generally, the dice are declared in play when they hit the dealer or a player before bouncing off and resting on the craps table as long as the person that gets into contact with the dice does not interfere with the general movement of the thrown dice.

In most cases, the shooter is allowed to perform dice setting before making the throw, and these may involve stacking of the dice in a particular fashion, arranging the dice to show the desired number combination or even spacing the dice and picking them using different fingers. However, the craps player is required to go through the motion in a swift and fluid manner to prevent undue delay in the game. Statistics show if a Hard Six comes up the player is more likely to bet on Hard Six on the next roll.

Dealers are not allowed to make any form of direct physical contact with the players or even hand over the chips directly to them. In the same manner, this limitation also applies to the craps players. In cases where a player buys in, which means that he or she buys chips by paying cash at the craps table, it is required of the player to lay down the cash on the table layout and the dealer retrieves it and places the corresponding chips right in front of the craps player.

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